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An enjoyable and safe experience for your guests

A cab ride is part of your guests' customer experience

For hotels, the level of hospitality and customer experience is very important. These days, a friendly smile is not enough. The times, people, demands and desires of the guests are constantly changing and this has to be anticipated perfectly, otherwise you will fail. With the overwhelming supply of hotels in the city, it’s no longer just about sleeping, it has to be an experience. Your guests’ created expectations must be exceeded for an optimal customer experience, that way you can stay ahead of the competition.
What can AmstaxiHolland do for you and your guests to take these factors to the ultimate level.

AmstaxiHolland can help achieve your guests' "journey of customer satisfaction" by providing all of your guests' transportation.

How we do that?

Your guests decide on the class of car

Eco cab services

The most economical alternative for your guests to get around town easily and quickly.

Business cab services

For your business guests or important guests, we have numerous vehicle models of exclusive brands.

Minivan services

For large groups, we recommend using our Minivan services for your guests. We can transport up to 8 people at a time in a bus.

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Transportation to a foreign airports for your guests.

We are specialists in travel and tourist transportation to the airport.