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Taxi transport for holiday and business travelers to Schiphol

From Amsterdam to Schiphol by taxi, you are assured of a good start to your journey if you choose our airport transport services. You don’t want to be insecure, get stuck in a traffic jam, or that the train has stopped and therefore you have to hurry or, worse still, that you miss your flight.

A carefree journey starts from the moment you leave for the airport.

We have been driving by taxi, passenger to Schiphol for 20 years and are now pioneers in airport transport and always at the best price. We know the way and what travelers want.

Cheap by taxi to Schiphol from Amsterdam with our fixed rates

Cheap to the airport

Our fixed prices are very advantageous, because we do not charge any side issues.

Choose your vehicle to Schiphol

You choose the vehicle with which you want to be taken to Schiphol

Frequent flyer and business travelers

If you fly a lot for private or business purposes, make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

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Frequent and business travelers "preferred partner"

Parking at Schiphol is very expensive. If you travel a lot for private or business purposes, parking costs can sometimes become an expensive cost item. Valet parking is not an option because you do not know what will be done with your car. You will lose unnecessary time for a ride to Schiphol with public transport. What am I supposed to do now, you wonder? We have the solution.

AmstaxiHolland frequent flyer services offers frequent and business travelers the opportunity to become a “preferred partner”, so you are always assured that you can start your next trip relaxed and prepared. There will always be a neat and professional driver ready for you in plenty of time to transport you to any airport within the Benelux without rush and relaxed.

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Corporate vehicles and luxury minivan vans for groups

The composition of our fleet is very diverse, therefore you can choose in which type of vehicle you want to be transported.

Did you know that we also have satisfied customers who use one of our other services