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Volendam, Edam en Marken tour

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for the best fish and cheese you have to visit the ijsselmeer

The fish and cheese of these Dutch places are world famous

With this tour you will visit the characteristic Dutch places, such as: Volendam, Marken and Edam.

Volendam is very popular and you can eat the best smoked fish and the famous Dutch herring (raw fish) here. Edam owes its worldwide fame to cheese (Edam cheese). And in Marken you can relax and enjoy the view over the Markenmeer. Boat trips are also offered here to sail a bit on the same lake.

We can arrange for you to visit a traditional artisan fish smokehouse, cheese farm and a clog maker.

This is Holland as it is known abroad.

Edam hier komt de wereldberoemde Edammer kaas vandaan
Het ijsselmeer, waanzinnig mooi en een heleboel Nederlandse geschiedenis
Volendam, Edam, Monnickendam of Marken zoveel meer dan vis kaas en klompen

The day in Volendam, Edam and Marken, great to eat the fish or for the best cheese. Book your tour here.

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