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The traditional cheese market is the main attraction of North Holland

Visit the cheese market in Alkmaar, discover how cheese is traded in the traditional way

The cheese market in Alkmaar on the Waagplein is a unique type of market, which is more than worth a visit. Here cheese is traded in the traditional way by a cheese carrier guild.

The cheese market is a colorful experience, in addition to the yellow color of the cheese, the different colors of the clothes the participants wear, such as: the cheese carriers, cheese fathers, bag men, servants, provosts and bottlers provide an elegant spectacle.

The cheese girls and cheese boys welcome the guests and can provide you with all the information about the procedure and the rules of the game and of course about the cheeses.

Of course you can also buy cheese yourself in the many stalls on the square and there is a cheese museum that you can visit in the Waag building.

The day will end with an organ orchestra at the end of the cheese market and is a regular part of the event.

The cheese market can only be visited from April to September.


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Book the day at the Cheese Market in Alkmaar directly, it is a really nice colorful experience

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